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Fanie Masango
Production Manager
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Technical Sales
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About Filter Pure

Filter Pure is a South African based company, in the business of providing consultation services and specialized custom-designed filtration products for industrial and mining applications.

We have a strong portfolio of loyal customers due to our consistent pursuit of service excellence. Filter Pure has a reputation for providing products and services of the highest quality and value.  With a direct focus on meeting the needs of its customers. Increased market share has been achieved through constantly satisfying clients expectations through our technical know-how and efficient after sales service and support.

Filter Pure was established in 1993.  Through our extensive knowledge of the industry Filter Pure has grown to one of SA's leading filtration product and service providers. Filter Pure's decisive advantage has been nurtured and maintained through its suppliers' constant innovativeness, research and development.

We believe that industrial innovation is the key to capturing "new" markets.  The success of our products is based on the "Analysis & Selection" principle: A constructive exchange between your requirements and our filtration services. Our high status of product quality perhaps makes us appear at first glance not to be the cheapest suppliers, but instead confirms us as a reliable problem-solver. Paying a slightly higher price for constant high quality is a small investment in securing higher productivity and ultimately lowering operating costs.  That's what brings you convincing competitive advantages in production.

Extensive knowledge on various applications and a wide range of products has enabled Filter Pure to service a broad spectrum of industries, including the Petrochemical; Chemical Recovery; Precious Metal Recovery; Vanadium; Sugar; Foods; Effluent and Catalyst Recovery.

Our Vision

  • We are dedicated to serving our customers through innovative technology and commitment.

  • We shall provide products and services of the HIGHEST quality and value with a direct focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

  • We shall continually promote teamwork, quality improvement and excellence in all phases of business.

  • Through leadership and innovation we shall capture "new" markets and meet challenges of the future.

  • Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide our customers with the best products for their needs. Profits are required to survive and grow.

Our Values

  • Filter Pure is committed to serving our customers and suppliers with integrity.

  • We will provide reliable and efficient services in all our dealings.

  • Our products are manufactured of the highest quality materials affording clients value for money.

We are continuously improving and seeking ways to better our products and services to the market.

Our highly-trained technical sales team analyze industry processes and consider parameters such as lifespan; quality of cake release; productivity of production gains and quality guarantees before making recommendations for each customer's unique requirements.

To meet the demand for quality, reliability and efficiency, our Production Department is equipped with an Integrated Production Manufacturing Program.  Quality Control Procedures are adhered to, this enables us to manufacture goods economically to specific requirements.  Our factory is equipped with modern Industrial Sewing Machines, an Automated Tubing Machine, Slitting Machine and Semi-automated Punches.  Specially treated fabrics are cut and sewn at our factory, thus assuring speedy deliveries.  We are well equipped to make any changes or necessary adjustments, should customer operational changes arise.

Our well trained Production Team, together with our stringent Quality Control Procedures ensure that our products comply with international standards. With all of the above at our disposal and our consistent stock levels, Filter Pure is able to offer immediate assistance to customer needs.

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Production Team

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