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Dust Filters

We design and manufacture a full range of dry filtration products and can provide solutions from roll stock and components right through to filters supplied, installed, removed and disposed of. 

Through our expertise we can provide our customers with solutions that enhance existing systems and allow maximum benefit.  In a world where the environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important, we will work with you to minimize your impact and potentially increase performance and production output / availability. 


The ability to understand your process and access to a large range of Polymers allows us to design a fabric specifically for your needs.  We have an existing range of fabrics specifically designed for their benefits to particular industries, but if we don’t have the right “blend” for your application, we have the resources to 
develop it. 


Fibres regularly used in Industry:


There are few limitations to the varieties that these fibres can be manufactured in i.e. blends, caps, fibre size blending and variations of debs on different scrims. When we have worked with you to select the correct fabric and finish, we then design the Filter Bag for your application, this is an important part of the step that blends process, application and fabrication knowledge to come up with the correct filter for your application.  Filter Pure has the ability to provide finished filters with both sewn and welded seams based on customer preference.


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