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Filter Cloth

Filter Pure supplies various synthetic woven and felt filter media. The material differs from light weight (190g/m2) to heavy weight (1100g/m2) fabrics in many fibre types.  Designs include Monofilament, Multifilament and Staple Fibre Yarns combined with a combination of weave patterns to provide optimum filtration characteristics.  Special surface finishes and treatments are used to enhance retention and cake release properties.

Filter Presses play an important part in almost all areas in which liquids are separated from solids.  All Filter Pure Filter Cloths are fabricated, so as to make them suitable for the specific features of the Filter Press, and the technical conditions of the filtration process.  Filter Cloths can be manufactured as single Filter Cloths, Double Cloth or Drape Over.  These can all be combined with Backing Cloth and Rubber Barrel Neck.  All cloths are designed for Chamber, Frame and Membrane Filter Press, and are leak proof.  What you can expect from our cloths: 


  • Optimum separation of solids. 

  • Best cake release and easy cleaning. 

  • Excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance.

  • Easy installation and customized design.

  • High dimensional stability, and no wrinkling.



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