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Filter Plates

Polypropylene - Recessed, Membrane, Replaceable membrane and Plate & Frame designs are standard supply for Filter Pure.  Special custom designs are also manufactured and are produced for special applications.  Other products include Disc Sectors (Polypropylene & Stainless Steel) Moore Leaf and Electrolytic Cells.

Filter Plates for Filter Presses

Standard and custom designs to suit your liquid-solid separation needs. 
Filter Pure
has a full range of Filter Plates for solid-liquid separation, as well as accessories for all industries, including Mining, Industrial, Chemical and 
Waste Water Treatment.


Recessed Filter Plates Accommodates any brand of filter!

Plate and Frame
Plate and Frame are a predecessor to Recessed Plates.  The chamber is formed by a flat plate on each side of a frame. Cake is collected in the frame.  This type of plate is usually used for polishing applications when filtration area is more important 
than volume.

Our Recessed Plates are designed for 7, 15, and 20 bar operation (100/225/300psi). They are available for sidebar or overhead press designs.  Mounting hangers or side handles can accommodate any brand of filter.

There are 3 basic types of Recessed Plates; Open Filtrate, Closed Filtrate 
and Gasketted

     Recess Plate - Open Filtrate      Gasketted Recess Plate             Recess Plate - Open Filtrate

Recess Plate - Open Filtrate:
An Open Filtrate Recess Plate, discharges filtrate on one side of the plate or via vertical holes along the underside of the Filter Plate.

Recess Plate - Closed Filtrate:
Virtually identical to the open filtrate but with the addition of corner pads. Holes in these corners form a pipe or tube and collect the filtrate, which is discharged to a manifold at the feed end of the Filter Press.  Spigots may be used to examine the filtrate externally.

Gasketted Recess Plate:
Grooves containing 'O' ring around the sealing edge and filtrate holes form a tight seal when the Plate Pack is closed in combination with Filter Cloths. 

Plate patterns come in 3 distinct drainage patterns; pipped, elongated pip and grooved.  The pipped design is more common on Press Plates.  This design provides better support for Filter Cloth, allowing filtrate to discharge along the base of the plate with the least resistance

Fixed and Replaceable Membrane Plates 

Fixed and Replaceable Membrane Plates are available.  Membrane Filter Press Plates have a chamber below the drainage surface that may be inflated.  The common method used is water pressure, which is generated by pumping into the squeeze cavity to inflate the face of the plate against the Filter Cake.  Air may also be used. 

Membrane Plates are used to reduce the cake moisture content or shorten the filtration cycle time.  Two types of Membrane Plate designs are used; Fixed and Replaceable.  Mixed pack Membranes are the most common configuration (one Recessed Plate then one Membrane Plate alternate in the press plate pack).  The final product produces savings in the overall plate pack cost. 

Membrane Plates usually operate at a feed pressure of up to 7 bar and squeeze pressure to 15 bar. 

Fixed Membranes is manufactured by moulding a membrane face and a core plate separately.  The face is then joined into the core by heat welding to form a homogeneous plate.  Although this type of membrane is suitable for many designs, it has particular advantages in food applications where the lack of joints will prevent contamination.

Replaceable Membranes use a Polypropylene core, which is machined to accept the connection and seal of a rubber membrane.  These faces are easily changed. EPDM Thermoplastic and other are used for specific conditions.  Savings in operations can be achieved in difficult environments, and the membrane's superior flexibility make it the best design for many installations.  These replacement type Membranes are used extensively in the Brewery Industries.



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