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Venturis and Cages

These metal structures used with Filter Bags to help the suction and cleaning systems when they are based on injecting compressed air.  Filter Pure Venturis are manufactured in spun or cast material.  The Cages for Filter Bags are produced by Filter Pure to order, and according to the fabric used to manufacture the Filter Bags.  This information will determine the number of bars the cages should have. 

Fabrics such as Polyester, Acrylic or Meta-Aramid work with cages with 10 to 12 wires.  With other fabrics, such as Teflon or Fibre Glass, the distance between bars should not be more than 25 mm, and therefore (depending always on the required diameter), in some cases the cages have 20 wires. 

To improve resistance to the oxidations often suffered by Epoxy painted Iron Cages or similar cages, even before they are installed in the Filter Bag, there is a treatment called Bezinal, where resistance to corrosion is two or three times higher than wires galvanized with a triple layer of zinc. In addition, it is a ductile and uniform coating with an excellent degree of mechanical deformation, and is an excellent conductor of static electricity as it contains aluminium. 

Venturis and Cages are designed and manufactured according to the needs of the installation or to the measurements provided by the customer.


Anti-corrosive treatments to prolong the life of the cages. 
All joints are welded to prevent tearing the fabrics.

Manufactured to measure 
Galvanized or Epoxy painted finishes 
Manufactured in INOX AISI 304 and 316 
Cages with or without Venturi 
Cages with anti-corrosive treatment


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